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Based in Sydney AU,
sending souvenirs worldwide ♥


Sando + Friends is an illustrative story that follows Chimi as she explores life in the small seaside town of Pepper Point. With the help of those she meets along the way, Chimi discovers all its nooks, crannies and mysteries.


Hello! I’m Sandra, a small illustrator and designer from Sydney, Australia. All drawings and creations in my shop are designed and (mostly) handmade by me! ♥


Learn about our little town
(work in progress)

Welcome to Pepper Point!

This is a cosy, seaside town with plenty of nooks, crannies and mysteries to discover. Stay as long as you need and make friends along the way.When it’s time to go, take a slice of our town with you, to accompany your journey outside Pepper Point - we’ll be happily waiting for your next visit!

Pepper Point Plaza

Your one-stop destination for daily goods! Here you can find the Post Office, Latte's Cafe, the Fruit & Vege Shop, and not to mention Sando's Souvenir Shop!

Map is being updated...

On this page, you'll soon be able to see more of the different places in town.

Pepper Point is home to a bunch of unique residents!

On this page, you'll soon be able to get to know each of the friends you can meet during your stay!But for now, all we've got is Chimi who will do a little dance for you.